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7 Reasons Why You'll Love Choosing a Custom Area Rug

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Happy Senior Couple

"This new rug service is revolutionary. We will be back to create even more perfect rugs for our home. Thank you, Harlan!"

- Tom & Carol M.

What Makes Just Floor Fun Different?

Shopping for Area Rugs Will Never Be the Same...

When it comes to buying area rugs, most people settle for "It's the closest I'm going to get." Unfortunately, "close" won't make you happy.

What makes you happy?  How about getting what you want, the way you want it? With Just Floor Fun's mobile showroom, I bring happiness to your home!

As a consultant with over 20 years in the design and home improvement industry, I know the headaches that come with shopping for area rugs. Over the years, I've struggled along side countless clients trying to help them find the perfect rugs for their homes.

That's why Just Floor Fun is so different. I remove the guesswork AND the inconvenience! Designing with Just Floor Fun allows you to pick the perfect colors, sizes, shapes, designs, and fibers without the hassle of shopping online or at retail stores.

You receive the design help you need, combined with the brilliance of customization, all from the convenience of your home.

Imagine, selecting from over 500 color swatches, 300 designs, 16 standard sizes, 10 constructs and 6 shapes. You can even order custom sizes for those difficult spaces. And, the average shipping lead time for your custom rug is only 4-8 weeks.

Get happy...create your rug, your way!

Woman Artist

"Take the confusion out of rug shopping. Have Harlan come to your home! He has fabulous ideas, is great to work with, and offers the service and products that get you exactly what you want."

- Kathy A.

  • Waisting precious time lugging rugs back and forth

  • Returning rugs online because the colors don't match

  • Feeling frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, and confused

  • Settling for "close" but not quite

  • Turning into an area rug shopping zombie

  • Buying the same mass-produced rug everyone else has



  • Enjoying your time doing things you love most

  • Showing off your custom, one-of-a-kind investment

  • Appreciating the special treatment, unique experience, and simplicity of Just Floor Fun

  • Creating your rug, your way

  • Feeling happy and confident

  • Enjoying a home that reflects your true taste and character

“I've taken a customizable area rug program and incorporated professional design consultations to aid the design and selection process, and made it all mobile!


Now I can bring the showroom to you while you shop in the convenience of your own home, where important decor choices should be made.


Just Floor Fun is founded on the principals of innovation, creativity,

enthusiasm, and minimalism. With Just Floor Fun, shopping for area rugs is not only fun and convenient, it makes sense!"

Harlan Snyder

Just Floor Fun offers the best...


Just Floor Fun's Platinum Series offers the highest quality, selection, customization, and value available in the rug market. Period.

  • 100% New Zealand Wool.

  • 60 trend-setting, customizable designs.

  • 6 surface finishes and textures including smooth, carved, raised, ultra plush shag, unique, and multidimensional.

  • Mix and match from a bank of 120 colors.

  • 5 shapes in unlimited sizes.

  • Each rug is hand-tufted and made-to-order. Choose hand-carved or hand-sculpted for additional texture and dimension.

  • The Platinum Series is all luxury with 5x8 rugs retailing at $1999. Expect delivery in 10-14 weeks.


Just Floor Fun's Gold Series offers an exceptional selection and range of customizable rugs at a fantastic value.

  • Available in wool or synthetic fibers.

  • 13 collections with 266 design choices.

  • 10 different surface finishes and textures including smooth, carved, raised, ultra plush shag, unique, and multidimensional.

  • Over 500 color choices.

  • 6 shapes in unlimited sizes.

  • Each rug is made-to-order. Expect delivery in 4-8 weeks.

  • The Gold Series is both practical and luxurious with 5x8 rugs ranging from $499 to $1499.


Just Floor Fun's Silver Series offers a limited selection of the best selling pre-made rugs for the Colorado market.

  • Available in wool or synthetic fibers.

  • 30 of the hottest selling value-priced designs in Colorado.

  • Multiple surface finishes.

  • Only pre-made color selection available.

  • Choose rectangles and runners in limited sizes.

  • Each rug is pre-made and usually ships within 7-10 business days.

  • The Silver Series provides excellent value and are great to fill extra rooms. Most 5x8 pre-made rugs retail between $150-$300.



Whether its a spill, a pet has an accident, or something damages your rug, we've got you covered!

Did you know Just Floor Fun offers a five year protection plan with every customizable area rug you purchase? It's exceedingly crucial to protect your investment. I know all too well how easy it is for something to get spilled or a pet to have an accident on your new custom rug. I'm sure it's happened to all of us. Luckily, with your protection plan included, all you have to do is call 1(800) 686-5559, give them your contract number provided on your protection plan, and explain the accident. You'll be guided through the proper process for cleaning, or they will send a technician out to resolve the issue. If they can't fix the accident, then they will replace your area rug.

Your protection plan covers:

  • Any food or beverage stain

  • Any human or pet bodily fluids stains

  • Border tear from specific incident, punctures, rips, or burns

Enjoy some peace of mind knowing you're not only getting exactly what you want, but if somethings happens, it's all taken care of. Who wants more happiness?



I recommend the use of a rug pad underneath any area rug...

...but not for the reasons you may think. A rug pad is't intended to provide cushion underneath the area rug like it is with wall-to-wall carpeting. The purpose of the rug pad is to (1) protect the flooring underneath the rug, (2) keep the rug from moving, and (3) prolong the life of your area rug. As rug experts, Just Floor Fun believes every area rug should be placed with pad. I supply one of the best, most innovative rug pads on the market. If you order a custom shape or size rug, you can even get a pad custom-fit to your rug. Ask me for more details when I bring my showroom to your home.

Your rug pad:

  • Will not rot, crumble, flatten out, or shed fibers

  • Is Absolutely skid-proof

  • Is completely odorless

  • Is super easy to install...no special tools required

Just Floor Fun's rug pad is made of two different polyester fibers needle-punched together and coated, on both sides, with a specially formulated water-based pressure sensitive dry adhesive which will outperform pads coated with a plain polymeric soft resin.


What size area rug do you need for what room?

livingroom thumb.png
dining thumb.png
bedroom thumb.png

I believe a business should exist to contribute to our world, our environment, and not just turn a profit. I've worked out my business model to be sleek, innovative, forward thinking, and minimalist. From zero paper use to virtually zero overhead, I set the standard in how a business can thrive AND be sustainable.

I also want to do my part in eliminating factors that contribute to impoverishment and need...and I want your help, as well! For every area rug purchased through Just Floor Fun's mobile custom rug service, I donate a percentage of the profit to Colorado Habitat for Humanity. The more area rugs I sell, the greater the impact!

Colorado has seen BIG growth over the past several years...not only in population, but also in the cost of living. Housing affordability is the central issue facing Coloradans. As housing prices soar, and daily living costs along with it, the need has never been greater to help provide affordable housing opportunities for wonderful families being priced out of the market.

Now Just Floor Fun offers you the ability to purchase something special for yourself while making a direct investment in other people throughout our local community who want to call Colorado their home.

A Mobile Area Rug Dealer with a Conscious...

Happy Young Woman

"Choosing Just Floor Fun has by far been the most enjoyable part of designing my new home! Thank you, Harlan, for helping me bring my ideas to life with this brilliant rug service."

- Michelle B.


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7 Reasons Why You'll Love Choosing a Custom Area Rug.


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